Sunday, September 4, 2011

Louis Vuitton's Fall 2011 Campaign

Now that I am up to date with September 2011 covers, I am catching up with Fall 2011 campaigns . So far, my absolute favorite has been Louis Vuitton , photographed by Steven Miesel. My love for this campaign was only increased upon viewing its Behind-the-Scenes video, (a must-see, below), revealing how it was made. Marc Jacobs explained the idea of the campaign beautifully, and his vision is the factor that made his Fall 2011 collection look all the more beautiful.
The campaign held the perfect amount of sophistication and class-the leading descriptions of the collection itself. Details of the campaign including vintage auto-mobiles, and adorable dogs and puppies. Each model looked looked fresh and clear, with almost no makeup-a look I love. The models styled from the runway looks, posing with puppies, carrying large Louis Vuitton totes, and wearing peaked chauffeur hats. Marc Jacobs himself described the campaign as, "Kind of a very classic scenario. Definitely luxurious. " The sense of luxury is just a bonus to the campaign's allure, one that "suggests travel." Every time I look at the campaign, I feel like traveling in Louis Vuitton-esque style. The large part of the campaign's appeal, for me, was those dogs-they looked absolutely charming, along with the gamine quality of the models. The overall vision of the campaign was vintage charm, and the end result is just gorgeous.



  1. Ah, this campaign is absolutely gorgeous! Love the hats in particular. Thank you for sharing!

    - Puck

  2. I like the campaign especially the photography and the stylings on the models. Only thing I don't like is the sailor hats on them. It looks a bit too fetish-ey.

  3. I lloove this campaign SO much...i was they didnt spread the one of the two girls in the car over 2 pages in magazines though!! haha i wanna rip it out to keep it :) Their eye makeup is amaizng as well :) And i love the fetish-y-ness haha!!

  4. thank you for your comment (:

    A little tip for you: what do you think about making unseen the unused blogs in you profile? So it's easier to find your main blog (:

    xoxo Felina

  5. Awesome blog!


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