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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I’m not trying to satisfy anybody but myself and the role that I’m playing.Sometimes i'm just so bored to be judge in the public like how i dress up ,how i act in public and sometimes some people might not understand my jokes.It's not having an ego but its about personal human rights "that everybody can express themself " to be a human being is not just doing a good thing but appreciate everyone around you because as human being u just can't live all by yourself in this world. so let's appreciate one another and embrace each other's presence rather than judging. IMG_8512-2 IMG_8518-2 IMG_8514-2

Monday, December 29, 2014


Merry Christmas and happy holiday guys . this is my old stock outfit photo.Sometimes i want to dress up like Rachel Zoe little bit bohemian..and thats my bohemian looks not so bohemian but yeahhh ... i just want to try different style sometimes . *and i miss my green hair * lon1lon2lon3lon4lon6

Monday, November 24, 2014

Lucky love . When its come to you a moment that makes you down or you feels useless,lonely,and broke.Just realise that you are a lucky person in the world. "IF YOU HAVE FAMILY THAT LOVES YOU,A FEW BEST FRIENDS,FOOD ON YOUR TABLE ,ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD, AND GOD WHO ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU , YOU ARE RICHER THEN YOU THINK .".Everything that comes to you no matter it was good or not it's given by God . Always believe that God will never test you if He knows you can't handle it. Don't judge,lie,or doing something bad to others and your life will be God. IMG_0852 IMG_0820 IMG_0853 IMG_0808

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


when you live in the city that so far away from your parents,it comes as a bit of shock when manage to oversleep. And you don't have enough time to take shower or choose your outfit for a day. for me ? 'i'm always in this situation' . actually i'm not a morning person i always wake up late and i really enjoy my sleep time , i don't know why i can sleep more than 10 hours in one day. so i always choose a simple outfit for daily like pyjamas pants or sweater . do you have the same situation like me? IMG_0211
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


sometimes when i sad i just want to wear all black outfit simple and gloomy
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