Tuesday, September 23, 2014


That day i went for a famous t-shirt from philip lim " i <3 nueva york and make it cool with printed jacket by Nikicio "Cool kid wear jacket..".this printed jacket from Nikicio is so unique and cool. AND i adore my distressed pants so much. i want to wear it everyday if i can lol i'm on holiday go backkk to Indonesia soooon xx bel6 bel4 bel3 bel2 bel1

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Denim Jacket

hi guys .. i just want to update my blog again after a long time not posting, because since i moved here i didn't have a photographer *Sad* . Nowadays everyone's wearing a denim stuff from jeans to jackets because "You'll never go wrong with denim" in this post i'm wearing jacket jeans by acne studio and i try to style it with my printed shirt and leather pants.. does it look weird or cool ?? sometimes i open my closet and i don't know what to wear and I'm just trying to mix and match everything ... sometimes it's cool and sometimes weird ,but no problem 'weird' is a new trend in fashion lol

Monday, September 1, 2014


i could never take my self too seriously.i wanted the whole world to smile to fill their empty spaces with laughter.so when i departed from their eyes,their heart would remember how beautiful it is to fell ..
1B 2B 7b

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Move on

hey all i'm back . it's been a month i move to malaysia to continue my study here in Lim Kok Wing University . i'm so busy here a lot of assignment and exam . And btw ,everybody ask me about "move on" i knew its hard to move but you must try and try . i know i'm not good in it but "in order to move on,you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it". DO SOMETHING AMAZING AND FORGET ABOUT THE PAIN .

Friday, March 14, 2014


hey all i'm back after long time no posting in this blog..i want to share about a tragedy that happened to recently,it's nothing scary,i prefer to call it "Hurt".1 week ago i worried about someone who was a hundred miles away from me .i texted and i called that person but i don't get the answer.and you know how my brain worked in this kind of situation i was paranoid,over thinking and also afraid all mixed up in my mind.After that i texted a number which my partner once used to text me.... And you know what ? a hurting new ,X had cheated on me for over the last 4 months.i know long distance relationship is hard.But i believe it will work just fine if we love each other.I'm hurt and i feel like nobody loved me.I want to tell you "If you love someone too much don't let them go and the best part don't hurt because hurt is paia".I think that i'm drunk right now i still want to make uo with that person who had hurt me ,after all the pain i'm still in love *you know how my heart work in this relationship too deep* I can't move on right now,feeling lonely and all i want is to talk to that person so bad but i think it will make everything worse and the whole relationship just ain't working.I can fake a smile force my self to laugh but my hear's still broke! This time was different Felt like, I was just a victim And it cut me like a knife When you walked out of my life -Cry,Rihanna .