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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hopes .

We all have our hopes and dreams, It makes life seem worthwhile! If we can adhere to that thought most of the time, we'd go that extra mile! Everyone needs an insentive, in order to reach their goal, it's worth fighting for. To have someone who, will stand by you, could you ask for anything more? When you have encouragememt, you begin to believe in yourself, there's nothing you cannot undertake or do. So...keep up your hopes, believe in your dreams, one day, it will, all come true! *and i still dream about mine too*


first outfit top-sara,pants-hmm,shoes-converse // second outfit top-hnm,pants-zara,sandal-asos

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Utterly Me

Utterly Me is a beauty journal by Mila Wijaya 'An outpouring of women's natural beauty' .
What is beauty ? Beauty means differently for each of us,more often than not it's about how our eyes capture it.But i learn that beauty also lies on how we feel it inside. This journal is the reflection of my train thoughts on how i interpreted beauty in how it reflected in our outer appearance and also what you feel inside.This multi-dimensional approach is interesting to note because how different it can be for each of us .I see make up as something to emphasize rather than hide them to shape beauty each of us posses. -Mila Wijaya

ce mila party

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


People nowadays always play with one or same colour for their outfit. to me one should play with different colours. sometimes, me myself like to wear different colour for my outfit but in the same i am still want to have this 'simple and clean' look. sure, i have to admit that to play with different colours is not an easy job because if u choose wrong colour and u have too much colour going on with your outfit it could be a disaster. to me 2 or 3 colours are more than enough. yet it is all depend on you and your style.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Wake Up Like This

"Sometime we need to stop analyzing the past,stop planing the future,stop figuring out precisely how we feel,stop deciding exactly what we want and just see what happens" - Carrie Bradshaw


Photographer : Sharon Angelia
Model : Christie Milvie
Make Up and Hair Do : Mila Wijaya
Stylist : Christian Belvin
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