Wednesday, May 18, 2016


@valentinepayen as the girl I know nearby
photo by @sharonangelia
styled by @christianbelvin
brushed by @milawijaya
assisted by @erickmulyaw
beautiful fiction words by @tisalrs
for @utterlymemagazine 'C' Issue.

She was clad in red dress that revealed her freckled,sun-bathed skin. Her hold was tight and steady on that fresh-picked cabbage, her eyes gazing at the field—a little unfocussed, a little wandering.I’m not sure if I saw her last harvest season; but ever since my sight stumbled upon her figure in that cloudy morning, she’s become a fresh air in this dull, tiresome tiny town.
The veil that covered her hair was quite dirty, her bangs not looking so tidy, her body hugged in what I see an oversized blouse, and she was carrying a bag full of greens. I’m guessing she was heading straight home from the field. I’m not sure how her skin still managed to glow even when she was covered in sweat, but what I’m sure of is that she was just as beautiful even when she looked disarrayed like that.
I saw her inside the green house just five steps from the kitchen. She was running around here and there, not caring that she was surrounded by cacti everywhere. She’s a dauntless one.
I spent 3 hours sitting in the garden today, the ice cubes in my glass of juice melted. All I did was stare at her across the road. She was washing clothes in the front yard, wearing a plain white dress that revealed her strong back and long neck. Her skin was a bit tan from all the outdoor works. I saw a few people visiting that house but they didn’t greet her at all as if she hadn’t been there. That was the first time I saw a little sadness flash before her eyes.
I went to the curvy lady’s to lend her husband my gardening tools. It was nine o’clock on a Sunday morning and the lovebirds were at the church so I came to an empty house. However, I think I caught a glimpse of her on my way there from afar so I decided to walk around the house to see if she was there—

and there she was.

Gazing through the glass, looking at the world outside the window.

I wondered what she was thinking at that time: if the sun could ever fall down, if her brother back home was doing well, if the curvy lady would teach her how to bake apple pies,

or if—if she wanted to know who’s living in the house across the road.
Getting lost in my thoughts, I didn’t realize until I snapped back into life that her gaze already changed direction—she was staring at me. She had this surprised look on her face.

I guess I must’ve moved my feet that the wooden floor creaked or something when I was lost in thoughts. Either way, I quietly and immediately left the house, two pictures of her captured.

I didn’t want her to see me, but I wanted to carry a piece of her home with me.

Or maybe two pieces of her.

Yes, two.

Saved on my camera.
We’re having a potluck dinner to celebrate the curvy lady’s 29th birthday tonight! She was the one to collect the veggies for the party. I wonder if she’ll be there tonight. I’m bringing a plate of apple pie. I hope she likes apples.
he wind was strong and she had to work in the field today so I followed her to make sure she was safe. She kept getting blown by the breeze and stroked by the dust, and I swear she never looked that gorgeous before.
She looked calm.

She looked sad.

She looked content.

She looked blue.

She looked like she was dipped in a matrix of hue with a little bit of everything swimming deep in her, and I’d never seen someone that alive before.

n that moment, she was the centerpiece.

And I still can’t understand why she couldn’t see that.


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