Monday, April 17, 2017

Long days, Hot night

it's been a long time. i've gone and dug my own grave this past a year, i think. And finally i have time to update and write something in this blog. i have a good (not so good) news, i just graduated from collage 4 month ago, it gave me a breath after all sleepless nights to do paper work, final exam, and final project (that's like a nightmare i swear). A fresh new step to start and i hope this year is as good as a sparkling pork bacons that i eat for my breakfast today. i'm back to my hometown in Surabaya and just work my ass to be a fashion stylist *because i think no one gonna hire me as their employee*, but i have another plan and i will tell you later. Time after time i feel boring sometimes to be freelancer i have more free time and don't know what to do so i decided to renew my vows to update this blog more frequently *i hope i can make it*. The thing about working from home is that spending the whole day with a messy hair, wearing a denim diaper/mom jeans and perpetually smelling of McDonal's coffee takeaway is all fine and dandy until the moment there’s a need to step out the house. i do care about the way i look when i go out but i'm too lazy to find something on my closet so i always go in this casual daily outfit. Long sleeves or t-shirt would be fine if you have a perfect fit mom jeans that you can probably wear twice a week lol.
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