Friday, July 13, 2012

Chino trousers and shorts – the ultimate summer leg wear

In this hot weather, wearing a suit to work is a cruel experience. It’s invariably itchy, hot and sweaty. In short, it’s very uncomfortable. Wool is usually great for the majority of the year. It’s an amazing insulator, and when the weather’s not quite as good, it can be a blessing to be wearing wool. Just not in the summertime! There are a few other options for the modern day suit wearer. It’s generally accepted now that a blazer and smart trousers are suitable for the office. You could even combine a pair of mens chinos a pair of mens chinos with a blue or black blazer, creating a smart and comfortable look. If you remove the jacket and roll up the sleeves, you should be able to stay cool, even on the hottest summer day. Smart and casual Another major benefit of the chino is that it’s just as at home in a casual setting as it is in the office. Chinos work with more or less anything – trainers, T-shirts and polo shirts included – so you can easily change for some fun and games after work. This isn’t really the case with the suit trouser or jacket. Of course, chinos are not just for the suit-wearing worker. For those who have the pleasure of not having to go suited and booted to work, the chino is still a trendy look for casual occasions. In fact, over the last few years, it has seen something of a resurgence in popularity. From teenagers to pensioners, everyone seems to see something in chinos that they like. Maybe it’s because they are just really comfortable. Or perhaps it’s because they are so versatile. Whatever the reason, chinos are near the top of everyone’s must have list. Get the shorts too Chino shorts are another item every guy should have for the summer. Knee-length French shorts are right on trend at the moment – especially in the traditional chino colours of navy blue and beige. They look great with deck shoes and canvas shoes, as well as with summer shirts and T-shirts. When you look at it all together, you begin to realise how integral the chino is to every wardrobe. So get online and get your chinos today, for some stylish summer comfort.


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