Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Yeah today i'm just home with my lil bro and update myblog about summer party at ORE launch havaianas finaally here in surabaya and i got one!! The legendary Havaianas sandal is officially available in Indonesia! Worn by celebrities, fashionistas and those with natural everyday style, Havaianas have taken the world by storm are now set to do the same in Indonesia. Havaianas have single-handedly made rubber sandals a socially acceptable fashion accessory, taking the humble flip-flop and creating an icon. Known for being comfortable, durable and chic, Havaianas will be available at selected boutiques in Jakarta and Bali. There is only one Havaianas sandal, so be aware of imitation. Only one brand can bring you the essential style accessory and provide you with “the best rubber sandal in the world”. Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-YAH-nas), were first created in 1962 by Alpargatas, a highly renowned Brazilian company active in the shoe and clothing industry. The simplest product, made from a secret Brazilian rubber formula, the Havaianas sandal was inspired by the Japanese Zori Flip-Flop Sandal made with rice-straw. Paying homage to these sandals, the traditional Havaianas have light-coloured insoles, dark straps and a texture resembling grains of rice. Portuguese for “Hawaiian”, the Havaianas name captures the spirit and essence of the brand and pays tribute to the glamorous holiday destination. Havaianas are available for men, women and children in a rainbow of colors and the most fashionable designs. They also come in classic styles that outlast any trend. Now after 50 years in Brazil, Havaianas has grown into a fashion icon, respected design masterpiece and timeless classic. No other product can lay claim to be worn by both the rich and poor, the Amazon natives to the stylish elite of Rio and Sao Paulo, the average Joe and the famous celebrities all across the globe. 7500086680_582f5509b9_z IMG_9402 IMG_9392 IMG_9387 IMG_9384 IMG_9394
picture taken by my lil bro and he is 3yo


  1. wow, your lil brother
    is quite talented ;)

  2. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from Dahlia if you'd like to check it out. xx

  3. your lil bro gonna be a big photographer. and CUTE rillakuma!

    Girl With Plastic Camera

  4. its really adorable imagining ur 3 y.o lil brother was takin this pictures! :p gemas gemas gemas

  5. wooow you lil bro have a talent for being photographer.haha btw cute photo


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