Monday, December 2, 2013

Emdee !

So in this ppost i want to share about my beauty clinic in surabaya ! because i have a problem called " ACNE " and black sde so i go to treatment and in this clinic my skin is going better no acne and my black side is going fade ! if you have a problem with your skin go to this clinic ! an i take a 3 step peel and it's work ! what is 3 step peel ??Power MD 3 Step Peel is one of a medical treatment which is included in chemical peeling. The function of this treatment is to eliminate black spots acne scars, tarnish flecks, dry up pimples and brighten the face. The advantage of this treatment is a combination of peeling and lite. Only takes 27 minutes you get maximum result, affordable, effective, and safe. In addition, this treatment is very comfortable, painless and excessive red. It is perfect for those who has problem with acne or scars, dull face and flecks.IMG_3009IMG_3013
Ruko Bukit Darmo Boulevard 10 Surabaya,East Java


  1. my sister also did a facial treatment there and it really worked on her! thumbs up for emdee...

  2. I have the same problem as you! Hopefully the clinic will open in Jakarta soon! xx

  3. I will try it someday :D


  4. lovely blog :)

  5. Good luck Belvin, the right step for you, jangan sampai dealing sama bekas jerawat


  6. Belvinnn makin lama km makin keren deh long time no see you on blog :)
    and about this post, i also have same problem as you.. T_T

  7. thanks for the review! wanna try it when i going to my grandma house at Surabaya :)


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